The Westmark Group (Westmark) has provided a variety of services for our municipal government clients including site assessment, remediation, landfill gas monitoring and asbestos survey services. Westmark coordinates with state, regional and federal regulatory agencies to assist municipal clients in maintaining compliance with statutory requirements.

Westmark has completed site characterization activities to identify soil contamination impacting groundwater for a community center property operated by a municipal government in California. Utilizing direct-push technology to minimize generation of investigative derived waste, Westmark was able to identify the source of contamination and recommend appropriate removal and remediation steps, allowing the municipality to return the property to beneficial use for local residents.

Westmark conducted groundwater monitoring and sampling and landfill gas monitoring for landfills in California on behalf of municipal clients to ensure compliance with monitoring and reporting requirements. Westmark also ensured financial assurance had been provided for closure, post-closure, and for potential releases for each landfill.

Westmark has conducted a complete pre-renovation asbestos survey for a City Hall, including the associated offices for municipal government staff and associated structures. The asbestos survey was performed to determine the presence and condition of Asbestos-Containing Building Materials (ACBMs) at the site to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, and protect employees from potential exposure. The asbestos survey consisted of preparatory work, bulk material sampling, bulk material analysis, and report preparation.

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