About Us

The Westmark Group is a specialized consulting and project management firm providing expertise in environmental consulting, occupational safety and health services…

Community Involvement


Helping and being part of the communities we operate in is a top priority for Westmark. We are proud to be part of the Extreme Green Home Makeover Project. Which is a green makeover ,,,

Our Mission


Provide exceptional service and value by continuing to achieve the highest standards for our clients and our industry, while modeling environmental responsibility for our stakeholders…

The Westmark Group is an environmental engineering and consulting firm with services available throughout the Western United States.

What sets The Westmark Group apart from the rest?

Our team consistently looks for ways to save our clients money and time by thinking outside the box. We firmly believe that every problem has the perfect solution and that with the right approach it can be found. It is vitally important to us to produce accurate, reproducible and defensible results, with fast reliable turnaround. The entire staff of The Westmark Group maintain a deep commitment to providing our clients with thehighest quality standards.
We believe that along with providing the highest quality, accurate data is the cornerstone of successful environmental monitoring. This philosophy is reflected in The Westmark Group’s commitment to meet or exceed all quality assurance and documentation protocols prescribed by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

The Westmark Group is uniquely qualified and committed to providing a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective services to enable the client to meet the challenges of today’s stringent environmental compliance requirements. Our proven methodology of providing value with purpose and integrity has catalyzed us as a leader in our industry. These are the principles upon which The Westmark Group was founded; superior quality work at the best value possible.